25 Years of Punk Rock in Waco


When Keep Waco Loud first heard of a “25 Years of Waco Punk Rock” CD being released at a small venue in Elm Mott, we knew right away we had to go.

I asked a few friends of mine to tag along and we found ourselves at American Legion. It’s not your standard Waco venue, to say the least, but dammit, it has a lot of heart.

The few photos I took didn’t do it justice, so I subsequently decided not to share. It needs to be experienced in person. When first arriving, you go down a long driveway through a section of woods which was reminiscent of arriving at old house parties. Then, when you walk in, you get a dance hall / cafeteria vibe. The bar was populated by Vets who were very welcoming of the punk music that took over its space that night. It is a quintessential “dive bar supreme” (to say the very least), and it was pretty spectacular. Special shout out to the cheap alcohol served in red Solo cups.


  1. RING - Aloha Friday

  2. GIVE GOD A CHANCE - Hypocritz

  3. DEAD DUCK - American Culture Experiments


  5. WITH FROM AT - Mark Needs a Chick

  6. CALVARY - The Paperclip Pirates

  7. DECEMBER - Decibelz


  9. KISS ME - Well Inside Out

  10. SLUSHMONKEY - Koda

  11. SEEK AND DESTROY - Garage 34

  12. SCHOOLICDE - The Faction

  13. GODLESS AT THE WORKBENCH - Release the Controls

  14. REVOLUTION - Lint

  15. FEELINGS - Dorks For Hire


  17. SUPERMAN - Alico

  18. VAMPIRES - Fallout

  19. WHAT I CRAVE - Texas Casket Company

  20. ROTTING AWAY - Property of Steve

  21. IT’S BEEN FUN - Throw It Down Betty

  22. PRETTY ONES - B Movie Victims

  23. MAUSOLEUM - The Makeshifts

  24. MAD SCIENTIST - Doppelganger 65

  25. STRANGER - Angels of Mercy

Overall, the CD was pretty glorious. However, my personal top 5 (in no particular order) are: Dead Duck, Godless at the Workbench, Superman, Rotting Away, and With From At. The CD overall is collaborative, bigger than itself, but still maintains its raw underground feel that gives it a strong layer of authentic charm.

I was able to speak to the guy himself who put the CD together, Kris Hunter. He had plenty to say on the history of punk music in Waco, including a very interesting backstory to their practice space that I hope to get to dive deeper into with him. Shout out to his daughter who attended the show and gave a pretty damn good speech on why we should buy the CD (“they have bills to pay, man”).

HERE you will find a link to the online streaming of all 25 songs (which you can currently pre-save on Spotify).

Kris also wrote a really awesome 6 part saga on the punk rock past in Waco that you can find below along with some pretty great photos. The piece provides a lot of context for some of the older songs. Do yourself a favor and read the saga immediately after listening to the CD.

  1. Part One

  2. Part Two

  3. Part Three

  4. Part Four

  5. Part Five

  6. Part Six

Katherine Selman